Cargo charter

We providing consulting for full air cargo charter services for customers in need of a dedicated large scale shipping solution. We personally monitor and coordinate each flight, assigning our expert to coordinate offloads and delivery to final destination. Our personalized air freight charter service is the finest in logistics.

Typical cargo aircraft specification

Boeing 767-300

Boeing 767 General Specifications:

Manufacturer: Boeing Corporation

First flight: January 30, 1986

Wingspan: 156 ft 1in/47.6m

Length: 180 ft 3in/54.9m

Height: 52 ft/15.8m

Ceiling: 41,000ft

Range: 6,115nm /11,325 km

Weight: 196,000 lbs /88,904 kg (199,600 lbs /90,537 kg -extended range)

Power plant: Two Pratt & Whitney PW4062 -or- General Electric CF6-80C2B7F -or- Rolls Royce RB211-514H

Speed: 530knots/982 km/h /0.80mach

Crew: 2

Accommodation: 218-269-351 in three, two or one class passenger configuration/60.5 tons as freighter.

Boeing 767-300 Freighter

Maximum Takeoff Weight: 188,880 kg (412,000 lb)

Maximum Landing Weight: 147,870 kg (326,000 lb)

Structural Payload: 54,840 kg (120,900 lb)

Usable Volume: 336m3 (11,865ft3)

Boeing 757-200 

Boeing 757 General Specifications

Manufacturer: Boeing Corporation

First flight: February 19, 1982

Wingspan: 124ft 10in/38.05m

Length: 155ft 3in/47.32m

Height: 44 ft. 6in/13.56m

Ceiling: 41,000ft

Range: 3,928nm /7,275 km

Weight: 128,730 lbs /58,391 kg

Power plant: Two RollsRoyce RB211535C / RB211535E4 -or- Pratt & Whitney PW2037 / PW2040
Speed: 530knots /982 km/h/0.80mach

Crew: 2

Accommodation: 192-239 in two or one class configuration

Boeing 757-200 Freighter

Maximum Takeoff Weight: 115,670 kg (255,000 lb)

Maximum Landing Weight: 95,260 kg (210,000 lb)

Structural Payload: 31,750 kg (70,000 lb)

Usable Volume: 187m3 (6,603ft3)

Boeing 747 Freighter

Boeing 747 General Specifications

Manufacturer: Boeing Corporation

Cargo Volume, Main Deck: 21,347ft3 (605m3), 30 pallets, 96x125in (244 x 318 cm)

Cargo Volume, Lower Deck 5,600ft3 (159m3), 32 LD-1 containers

Cargo Volume, Bulk Cargo: 520ft3 (15m3)

Maximum Payload: 248,300 lbs (112,630 kg)
Optional 273,300 lbs (123,970 kg) available with maximum take-off-weight limitation

Engines Maximum Thrust: Pratt & Whitney PW4062 -63,300 lb (281.57 kN) Rolls-Royce RB211-524H2-T - 59,500 lb (264.67 kN) General Electric CF6-80C2B5F - 62,100 lb (276.23 kN) Maximum Fuel Capacity: 53,765 U.S. gal (203,515 L)

Maximum Takeoff Weight: 875,000 lb (396,900 kg)

Maximum Range: 4,445 nautical miles (8,232 km) Typical city range:

Paris-New York
New York-Frankfurt
Typical Cruise Speed at 35,000 feet 0.845mach, 560mph (901 km/h)
Wing Span: 211ft 5in (64.4 m)
Overall Length: 231ft 10in (70.7 m)
Tail Height: 63ft 8in (19.4 m)

Interior Cabin Width: 20 ft (6.1 m)

Airbus A300-600F

Airbus A300-600F General Specifications

Manufacturer: Airbus Industries

First flight: 2001

Wingspan: 147ft 1in/44.84m

Length: 177ft 5in/54.10m

Height: 54ft 3in/16.54m

Ceiling: 41,000ft

Range: 1,950-2,650nm/3,650-4,850 km

Weight: 300,900 lbs /136,363 kg

Power Plant: Two 262.4kN (59,000 lbs) General Electric CF6-80C2A1s

Speed:549knots /1,017 km/h/0.82mach


Payload:120,200 lbs/54,636 kg